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NRL TV Audience declines

The second State of Origin match saw a metro audience of 2.404m tune in to Nine to watch Queensland win the series 26 to 16. That time adjusted audience result is down … more

Honesty and Ethics

Want to read a fascinating article about the big end of agency town and some of the battles they’re having on media audits. Check this out. I’m just very grateful that our relationships … more


There seems to be renewed pressure from clients to scrutinize costs which is fair enough but at what point does cost cutting erode quality. Last year a small client asked for some sign … more


The election is ‘on’ which means according to the pessimists, consumers will stop spending until after July 2. Rubbish I say. The protagonists love to use this as an excuse to either cancel … more

Digital Marketing Not the Best Day Out

The Digital Marketing Day Out was indeed a day out but not filled with the excitement and take outs that I was looking for. Andrew Griffiths gave a stirring presentation about your own … more

Programming interrupting Ads

I mistakenly tuned into one of the commercial stations by accident last night and an ad break was on so I went and made a cuppa. While waiting for the kettle to boil … more

Let’s Junk That

There’s a house I drive past that’s full of junk. The front yard hasn’t been mowed for years that’s because there’s old cars, washing machines  and newspapers stacked up higher than a … more

Out of Touch

The NBN has been in the news lately. Apparently things aren’t as bad as earlier forecast. That is unless you live in Port Macquarie. True, the jewel of the north has been humbled … more

New website launch

Check out the new … more